Spiritual Therapy

Intuitive Consultations/Sessions

By using intuitive guidance of love and compassion, Margi connects with you in a profound sense of understanding. Helping you overcome blockages in your life, allowing you to shift your energies unto a new path of spiritual awakening. Spiritual therapy works to easily and effortlessly tap into the core issues at hand. To touch directly upon them, bring them to the surface and heal them so that you can move on with life in balance and harmony, feeling whole and peaceful.

The session involves working with higher vibrational frequencies of energy. Intuitively assisting you to identify changes you want to make in your life. Margi works with these intuitive abilities to facilitate the release of personal conflicts/issues by helping you in healing and aligning your true essence as a spiritual being. Her connection with you radiates beyond through universal forces to help you understand and overcome these issues overrunning your body, mind and soul. In recognizing so, gently shifts your energy to see the light in front of you, allowing you to move forward with love.

Healing and Guidance on:

Life Issues
Spiritual Growth
Inner Peace

Grief/Loss Therapy

Depending on the amount of healing one individual needs Margi may tap into the healing work from the loss of a deceased loved one. She will work with validations of love and comfort and the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Life does go on….

The therapy allows the heavy release from grief, the power to let go and the strength to live again…

Either session can incorporate both in the effect of healing and what the client needs to move on in life. It’s quite amazing.


Spiritual therapy works to shift the individuals’ awareness from human tendencies to spiritual awakening, allowing one to feel true empowerment. To know you can live life with peace and inner abundance!


* Please review the session guidelines before your appointment.

Thank you!

I always stay focused with clear intention on serving you the client to the best of my abilities. My sessions are for self empowerment, enjoyment, validations of feelings and intuitive hunches, as well as new information. Accessing Universal energies, I tap into higher potentialities and send them to you with love for healing. The rest is up to you; the choice is yours to make the changes desired in your life. True healing comes from within.

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