Margi Lantos

Born in Los Angeles, the middle child of 3 to Hungarian immigrant parents, Margi was raised a devout Roman Catholic.

Though questions regarding life after death lingered in the back of her mind, it wasn’t until the death of her Grandfather (in her early teens), that answers became clearer.

Margi received a message from her departed Grandfather, bringing comfort and knowledge that he was doing just fine. That visit marked the beginning of Margi’s spiritual journey and left her wanting to discover more about death and the world beyond.

That thirst for knowledge lead her to study under world-renowned therapist Dr. Doreen Virtue. Since completely opening the door to her higher consciousness, the avenues have been endless!

A licensed Hypnotherapist, during the years Margi ran her own practice, and while in session with a client, she would receive intuitive messages uncommon for hypnosis. Imparting to her patient’s information and knowledge she had received, helping them attain a higher frequency of success!

Eventually making the professional transition in 2000, from Hypnotherapist to full time Spiritual Therapist.

Margi has earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University, a license in Hypnotherapy with The American Institute of Hypnotherapy as well as honorably earning the title of a Seichim Reiki Master, with Jerry Hart of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. She has also trained under therapist Dr. Doreen Virtue, international medium Fran Hollis-Powles and channeled under Michelle Mattraw.

Margi is currently working with a full schedule hosting her own seminars, workshops,  a public access TV program called Your SOUL Awareness and speaking engagements nationwide.

Margi graciously acknowledges, “I thank the Universal Light everyday for such a blessed ability and the gift to help guide others to such a peaceful healing.”

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