Frequently Asked Questions


Questions for Margi:

How do you know what you’re channeling is correct?
There are no right or wrong answers. I just trust the information I need to be in the highest and finest vibrations of love. What allows a person to feel in truth is love. Anything else is fear. Higher frequencies vibrate in love, lower in fear. I believe each individuals’ experience is real for their own journey in life, and I respect that. I don’t have to like some things in life but I have found that what makes sense to me and brings me peace today is what count’s. THAT is what I trust! You will know that what makes sense is your truth. Your guides and loved ones will always help you see what you need on your journey and path of life. No one but you can know the truth of the messages coming through. And from time to time, they will show you through signs and symbols in the session to validate your truth.

Do you believe there are any right or wrong experiences in life?
No. I grew up in the Catholic faith however I never felt comfortable with the concept of hell. I couldn’t see it as being a bad place because I didn’t believe it existed. Why? Because when I was around the age of 7 I thought to myself how it never made sense that a loving almighty God would ever allow it’s children to be condemned to a place so awful for eternity. That someone as little as me with a great sense of love for others in my heart could never imagine having others suffer so greatly then why would a loving God? I know it wasn’t possible.  As I continued the questioning about life I therefore learned that all experiences in life are part of the journey. Negative and positive. They are both imperative and vital for the growth of the soul. All human experiences and difficulties have a true meaning of love in the eyes of the almighty Oneness – All is well. I feel and believe that there is only love; that fear is an illusion. Therefore everything is the part of the natural nature of life!

How do I know when I need a session or when it’s time?
In your first session you will gain a huge amount of knowledge to help you with your current path. I recommend you take time to allow the information to soak in and process. There is no right or wrong time for a session. If you feel after a few weeks or months you are guided to additional messages and information you’re welcome to call and set another appointment. Only you will know when it’s time. I am happy to ask your guides. They never hesitate in their truth to let us know if it’s time or not just yet. I do not do sessions just because. There has to be an energy that calls out for a reason. Otherwise, the sessions won’t work. In general however, I recommend a “check in” once every 6 months or a year. In some cases each individuals journey takes a while longer or have accomplished the lessons and experiences and may not need a check in at all. Simply allowing the empowerment of the process to unfold. Only you can know what you need.

Questions from Margi:

How do you know a session is right for you?
If you have been guided to this site or I have been referred, I have found that the Universe has a message or information for you. Whether it be a personal session or a session connecting with a deceased loved one. I have found that there are no accidents and we are guided to what our heart is searching or asking for. We just have to be willing to show up! That, sweet angel is your gift to yourself. One that can shift your life in remarkable ways and bring healing and health beautifully. I have found that spiritual work helps shift the energies in a soul unlike anything I have ever connected with on a human or mental way. When you connect to your soul first, the mental and physical follow and begin the balance of the spirit that eventually grows into harmony. You are the only one that can truly know what your soul needs at any given moment, and moving towards it frees your spirit.

What is prayer and what is meditation?
Prayer is you speaking to Universal oneness and meditation is you allowing spirit to talk to you. In meditation it speaks to you in a state of silence and manifests as intuition; a knowing in the present moment. This present moment is a state of mindfulness. And when you live in this state your inner knowing moves through you to create an energy to live in a more peaceful, harmonious life. Why? Because nothing in that given moment can affect you without your awareness of it and when you are aware of what that energy is you have the power to shift the way you think and feel about it. Being in meditation or any given moment (which is also a state of meditating) is also a state of empowerment which guides you to seeing yourself as you truly are, the I AM of oneness. You feel whole and complete thus creating a state of peacefulness. When this state moves through you nothing, absolutely nothing negative can affect you. You cannot feel internal war when you feel peace and empowerment, it is universally impossible. It’s like oil and vinegar – it’s either one or the other. Simple methods of meditation: ABC Health & Wellbeing

What is the spiritual definition of Illusion/Reality?
Illusion: comes in, makes it’s impact, dissolves and dissipates.
Reality: always has been, always will be.

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