Journey Inward

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Reflections for Your Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind

Guidance at the flip of a page! Have you experienced moments when you can’t seem to find the answers you’re looking for or when you’ve felt alone, when there’s no one to talk to or no one to listen and acknowledge your feelings? This book is about giving you peace during those moments. It’s about Divine guidance helping you access your inner core of tranquility. It includes reflections – bits and pieces of inspiration and motivation – that will allow you to feel calmly present and centered.

Just pick a page and find your peace.


  • Increased clarity: allowing each message to answer your questions
  • Random guidance: gently leading you where you need to go
  • Words of wisdom: receiving truths to guide you on your path of spiritual development
  • Spiritual awareness: key snippets helping you on your course of self discovery
  • Peace of mind: enjoying a moment of solitude and knowing you are always taken care of

Note: 4 x 6 inches for a pocketbook convenience.




Guided Meditation CD’s


Four Guided Meditations 

Journey Within:
simple, clear and calming. Help in answering your burning questions.

Meeting Your Angel:
meet your guardian and listen to the messages they have for you.

Energy Chakra Clearing:
clear unwanted negative energies in your body, mind & soul.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide:
find out who they are and what they are here to help you with.

2 CD’s



Past Life Regression

  • Do you wonder why you do the things you do?
  • Do you behave in certain ways?
  • Why you have a certain talent or ability?
  • Why you experience a certain issue or go through a particular situation?

This powerful meditation will guide you to answers to these questions and more. The journey will assist you to clear personal blocks that have hindered your growth process, as well as release old karmic patterns and further your understanding of your true innateness.





Manifest Your Desires

Getting connected to and aligning with your higher self brings desire into reality! This guided meditation will allow you to become closer to this source and help you facilitate the alignment process.

This meditation will help you:

  • Clear personal blocks for proper alignment
  • Gain focus into that which you desire
  • Re-align energies in order to attract the desire your way




Manifest a Mate

Love centered empowering meditation to help attract your Soul Mate ~

In this tranquil, guided journey, experience a clearing of the past and a new opening to relationships, where you finally meet your Soul Mate.

This meditation will help you move personal blocks standing in your way, plant new thought patterns, and clearly help you identify exactly what it is that you would like in a mate.



ONE with the Universe

Spiritual Bridges CD covers 1 013

Choose a Journey into your ONE-ness…

or into the

Cosmos of the Universe…

These meditations will take you into the universal cosmos. You can experience a journey into your oneness or travel between the stars. While we’re here, on this earth plane, it’s about the journey…allow your soul to soar…take flight and enjoy!



Sacred Goddess Reconnection

Spiritual Bridges CD covers 1 020

We are in a new era, an era of feminine awareness. We have chosen to come to raise the vibrations of the world, to balance. We are here at this time to experience peace and harmony unlike ever before!

The Goddess energy is ALIVE!

I invite you to reconnect with your inner goddess and reflect with her energies of love and compassion. Take a journey into a sacred sanctuary and experience the euphoric empowerment that has always been yours!

Reflect ~ Reconnect ~ Resonate!




Music CD’s



Soul SanctuarySoul Sanctuary


And relax to the tune of your

Inner Sanctuary ~

Healing music for Reiki, massage or any meditative ambiance.


1. Peace and Harmony 28:00

2. Enlighten 30:00




OM DivineOm Divine


This meditation is a sacred hour of the sounds of OM as well as soft music in the background. Great for deep meditation.

Healing music for Reiki, massage or any meditative ambiance.

Go within!


55:00 mins.





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