World Beyond


At the moment the body dies, a radiating light of energy known as the soul gently moves up and out of the body…out of it’s shell, beginning it’s descent into the world beyond the veil…

What lies beyond is another dimension from our own here on earth. It’s a place known as the Spirit World.A place where those who have shed their bodies, live on in etheric form. It’s a world between lives and a final resolution.

Once a spirit has completed their lessons here on earth, they then pass over… to a dimension just beyond our touch. Upon their arrival, they spend time reviewing and evaluating the lessons learned here on earth. Clearing, organizing and preparing for their journey back to earth in order to learn more lessons and to clear more karma (old lessons we have created in the past). Allowing those who have passed the opportunity to recognize what it is they want to experience when they return to earth, our learning school!

Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Gilbert Williams, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site – Gilbert Williams

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