Spirit Guides

Spirit guide’s are evolved beings who have lived on Earth before.

They have the wisdom and experience to teach, inspire and guide us along in our journey. They are teachers and guardians who work with us throughout our lives on Earth. Their primary role is to aid us in the process of developmental growth.

Their function is not to live our life nor are they here to answer all our questions; they are not “all knowing.” They are exactly what the word implies “guides,” here to help us along the pathway of life.

Guides communicate with us all the time. Sometimes it’s a very subtle voice in our head in the form of thoughts. Other times through altered states of consciousness such as when we meditate, or in our dream state as we sleep. They are also able to send us signs and symbols to get our attention in order to deliver a message or confirmation of guidance.

Each one of us has a primary guide under whose care we are placed. We are assigned a guide long before we are physically born and arrange to stay with us to assist our spiritual path throughout our lifetime!

Spirit guides are gentle and loving and have our best interests at heart. Every avenue presented to us is set up for us by our guides to better our development. They help us in reminding us the lessons we mapped out before we came here.

The greatest gift we can give our guides for their support is a simple, “Thank you!”

Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Gilbert Williams, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site – Gilbert Williams

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