Links …My mentor in the UK! Fran Hollis-Powles, if it wasn’t for you, I would still have my doubts! …Morgine Jurdan, animal communicator. Experience your life with your pet at a new level! She is Fantastic! …My mentor, Dr. Doreen Virtue. Visit her beautiful site and enjoy! …Beautiful Visionary Art by Richard Fields. …Undeniably Beautiful! One of the most wonderful and kind hearted Artist around, Daniel B. Holeman! Thank you for being you! …World renowned Visionary Artist, Gilbert Williams! His work is spectacular! …a journal of conscious evolution, Portland, OR. …..Realms of Celestial Music and Beautiful Visionary Art. …with George Noory! Mr. late night himself! If it wasn’t for some of those late night talk shows…well, I might have been able to get some sleep! But it’s always worth it! …Spiritmama products are created with the intention of enhancing the consciousness of the consumer. …..experience a mental, physical and spiritual oneness. …and outlet of free expression! love it! …animal communication by Shawna Fisher. A delight to connect with!

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