House/Business Cleansings & Blessings

Home is where the heart is…

Cleansings clear any unwanted energy in an area and replace it with a more positive pleasant energy. The home or office has the ability to entrap unhealthy vibrations such as anger, depression, frustration or stress, creating an uncomfortable and dis-harmonious environment. By cleansing and blessing the home or office it allows for a fresh start and adds a sense of sacredness.

Occasionally unwanted spirits remain behind and may not be aware that they are unable to cross over on their own. They rely on external forces to help them. A clearing and blessing assists the spirit(s) to move on and return to the light.

The presence of past energy imprints can also lurk in the air giving off a feeling of heaviness and/or tension, which may cause relationship, health and mental issues. Clearing the air eliminates noxious imprints establishing a pleasant, comfortable and healthy atmosphere.

The cleansing is done in your home or office with energy work, smudging and if necessary connecting and communicating with angels, guides or unwanted spirits. The home is then sealed with blessings of light allowing for an improved peaceful sanctuary!

(Portland, Oregon Vicinity)
Approx. 2-2.5 hrs


  • Additional charge applies for mileage beyond the Portland Vicinity.
  • A cleansing can also be performed from a distance. I would need a photo or layout of your home.

For more information please contact: (503) 722-8631 or email:


A cleansing is good for any area where there have been negative thoughts about:

  • a relationship breakup/divorce
  • ongoing relationship problems
  • problems with finances
  • unhappiness with career/job
  • grief from the loss of a loved one
  • depression
  • problems with children
  • long-term illness
  • fears (panic attacks/anxiety)
  • addiction issues/problems

How do I know I need my space blessed?

There are many reasons to cleanse, clear and recharge the energy in your home or work place.

  • Are you afraid of being in the dark in your own home?
  • Do you ever get an uneasy feeling, have a chill run down your back, or get goose bumps for no discernible reason?
  • Have you ever seen something move out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look nothing is there?
  • Do you wake feeling unrested after a night’s sleep?
  • Do items like your keys or jewelry frequently get misplaced or lost?
  • Do you have insomnia or wake up frequently during the night?
  • Are you constantly on edge with your spouse or children when in the home, only to be fine when outside or away from the home?
  • Do you feel an unfounded sense of dread in a particular area of your home – such as the basement, garage, a particular room, hallway or closet?

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