Going Beyond

with Margi Lantos

Join us for a fun filled evening every 2nd Thursday of each month for:

The World Beyond the Veil and Afterlife Philosophies…
Thoughts on why we’re here and what it’s all about!


Margi reaches beyond to connect with the other side;
Deceased Loved Ones, Angels, Spirit Guides and more…
Bringing messages of Love & Comfort…


Topics to be considered:

  • Reality vs. Illusion
  • Synchronicities in life and what they mean
  • Spirituality vs. Humanness, what’s it all about?
  • Angels and Guides in our Life
  • After-Death Communication; signs and validations
  • Healing the BODY, MIND AND SOUL!

Audience Readings & Candlelight Meditations


2nd Thursday of each month
(October – May)

Clackamas, OR
(Please call or email for location as well as event schedule-time and day may be changed)

$25 at the door


Space is limited – Please email or call to reserve a seat

 Email: spiritualbridges@comcast.net  or 503-722-8631



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