Distance Energy Healing

Distance healing is an advanced form of energy healing, tapping into one’s holographic matrix – vibrating field of energy.

Energy is not limited to time, space or distance thereby allowing its effectiveness as much accuracy as one would be in person.

A Distance Healing session is at a prearranged time for both the sender and receiver. This allows for full efficacy; the connection of our highest vibrations of frequency.

30 mins. $65
*1 hr. $105

*this may include a mini reading as guides may bring forth pertinent messages/information

Please provide: name (location is optional).

If this is for someone other than yourself:
Once sub-conscious permission is given I will proceed, otherwise by universal law I cannot intrude on any entities and their decision.

This is a great session if one is having difficulty connecting to an individual consciously i.e.: a person in a coma, Alzheimer’s, or any situation in which one is incapacitated.

  • People may or may not have sensations when this healing is occurring, depending on the person’s sensitivity.
  • Upon completion of your healing session please make note and journal your experiences/sensations so that we may discuss them.

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