Deceased Loved Ones

We are in essence a spirit with a soul living in a body having a human experience…

Our deceased loved ones have moved on to a different dimension from the Earth plane. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist. On the contrary, our deceased loved ones are more alive in spirit than they were in human form.

The deceased simply move on to a more educated and knowledgeable dimension in order to grow and develop. They’re body has been shed but their energy has not died – only shifted form. Death is a human concept meaning the light or spirit is released from one’s body. The body dies, however the spirit is only moving through the revolving door called the After-life.

Deceased loved ones are available to us anytime we think of them – in another dimension and just in spirit form. Existing only a thought away. Death does not separate us in a spiritual sense. In fact, we can enhance our relationship even more so because there is no judgment on the other side. You may communicate your truest intentions of your heart. They are completely aware of your thoughts and feelings about them. Our souls are intertwined by energy allowing us to draw on this source to communicate with them.

There are many ways a deceased loved one can communicate with a person; vocally, a touch, a smell, a visual experience, dreams and through electricity. They keep their After Death Communication (ADC) to a minimal as not to startle or scare you. ADC is their gift to you, assuring you of their survival and letting you know they are just fine on the other side!

The greatest gift that we can give them, is the permission to move on and prayer! Words and thoughts are energy. Prayer gives them blessings to move on in the spirit world, to develop and grow. It also helps them resonate to the highest frequency possible. Know that they live on in your heart. Believe that all is well in their world and both your energies will radiate with Love!


Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site – Awaken Visions.

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