Channeling is an altered state of awareness, whereby one brings through messages, telepathically or spirit-to-body contact (taking over one’s body through conscious agreement of the channeler). It is done verbally or through Automatic writing. The wisdom and knowledge that is channeled is one of love, peace and comfort.

     In most channelings a higher-level guide communicates through the channeler, the messenger. The guide is the channeler’s friend who is there to give love, support and encouragement. They guide you along in your journey by offering suggestions. They never make you do anything or tell you what you have to do. They are very loving and understanding having your best intentions at heart as well as helping you find your own solutions to the problems you are currently working on.

     There are many different kinds of channeling. And even though they may very, these types of channeling fit into one’s own individual context not a category in discreteness. Every channeler has their own individual manner.


Types of Channeling:

· Fully Conscious state – normal awake state, can move about, interrupt him or herself, and continue the channeling.

· Altered-state – consciously aware yet partially in a semi-superconscious state of awareness…similar to daydreaming, not being completely aware of any other factors. When one is in this state they do not recall most of the channeled messages or information during the process. Telepathy is more common with your guide.

· Light trance channel – partial conscious awareness with one being able to recognize a different vibration of energy guiding the channelings, then the channeler goes off somewhere (near or far) for a period of time.

· Full trance channel –  entity either enters into the channeler’s body relaying the information or telepathically communicates the messages. Channeler is usually in an unconscious state.



   Channeling is a remarkable tool one can use in order to spiritually grow and develop. By connecting with your guides, you will accelerate your rate of spiritual growth and open new avenues to your door of enlightenment. It brings a sense of serenity unlike you’ve ever experienced. Allowing more flow into your life. Helping you understand your life’s purpose at a higher level and bringing a true sense of joy and harmony.



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