Auto-writing is a form of channeling. Allowing information to be channeled through the hands or in thought form (inspirational writing) from our own higher self. With this form of channeling you can have access to all the knowledge and wisdom of your hearts desire. The ideas come to surface, then viewed in written form. The technique requires the mind to first gently relax and then move slowly from consciousness to an altered state of awareness, a trance state. During this relaxed state, the impressions that form in ones thoughts or the automatic movement that occurs in the hand is generated, and information comes to fruition. All knowledge pours out onto the paper, writing until the final resolution of the questions are answered.

Automatic writing is a wonderful tool to help a person along their path in life. It helps one reaffirm major quizzical dilemmas or simple daily frustrations in reaching a conclusion. It is a form of meditation, it help’s put solace into the daily hassles and life’s difficulties that come our way.

Steps for Automatic Writing:

  1. Have a pencil or pen and paper available to write on.
  2. Begin by taking in a few deep breaths… and slowly bring your eyes to close.
  3. Gently say a prayer of protection and visualize a white light of protection surrounding you.
  4. Ask only those (spirit guides, angels, etc) of higher frequency and vibration to help you.
  5. State a clear question.
  6. When you feel ready, slowly begin to open your eyes and begin to write. Allow any and all information to flow on the paper in front of you.
  7. Do not judge or analyze – just let the messages gently stream unto the paper.
  8. For your first time, allow about 10-15 minutes and then continue however long you feel the messages coming. You will know when you are finished.
  9. Thank your source and come back into the room!

Automatic writing has helped me during many difficult situations in my life. I hope that this wonderful tool can do the same for you. Blessings!

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