Automatic Writing Session

Automatic writing is a form of channeling. Allowing information to be channeled through the hands or in thought form (inspirational writing) from my own higher self. As the same with a regular session I ask your guides to come through and bring forth any information that you are in need of at this time (you may have sent me a few questions at hand). I access all the knowledge and wisdom of your hearts desire. The ideas come to surface, then viewed in written form.

The technique requires that I surrender the mind into a quieter realm, I then gently relax and move slowly from consciousness to an altered state of awareness, a trance state. During this relaxed state, the impressions that form in thoughts or the automatic movement that occurs in the hand is generated, and information comes to fruition. All knowledge pours out onto the paper, writing until the final resolution of the questions are answered.

I reply via email. If needed I will contact you to confirm answers are understood and/or clarified.

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